August 9, 2023

Isabel Margolin responds to ‘Why DEI Programs Can’t Address Antisemitism’

To the Editors:

Thank you for the well-researched and thoughtful article, “Why DEI Programs Can’t Address Antisemitism.” The summary of DEI offices and their priorities paints a true picture; however, I disagree that the government should become involved by instituting rules to govern colleges’ DEI programs. Regulating antisemitism at that level is impractical and probably won’t stand up to legal scrutiny; plus, the prospect of a new administration coming in and changing the regulations is always possible. It would be more constructive if faculty and college administrators spoke out about antisemitism on campus or, even better, if Jews would stop sending donations to the most significant offenders. In the 1960s, boycotts had a considerable influence over businesses; today, donations make colleges, particularly elite colleges, thrive. For better or for worse, withholding money would make a significant impact on policy measures.

Isabel Margolin

Amherst, MA