February 1, 2023

Robert Starkand responds to John Podhoretz on Cool

To the Editors:

Cool as defined from “The Birth of the Cool” is the search for truth and beauty. That definition has been abrogated by those on high for the last 50 years, and Cool has been redefined to mean that truth and beauty are whatever those on high say they are. We live in an Uncool Age. We live in a Souless Dark Age. Joy and love have been denied our young, their innocence taken away from them too soon. 

I disagree with Mr. Podhoretz in part. We can’t let this redefinition of Cool stand. We must continue to and encourage the search for truth and beauty, because what else are we fighting for? I agree with Mr. Podhoretz in his call to arms of the Jewish donor class to focus locally, as millions of Americans are doing at local school boards and local elections throughout the country. But Be Cool. Let the truth will out and beauty thrive. It’s a Jewish thing.

Robert Starkand

New York, NY