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October 22, 2021

Announcing Issue 3 of Sapir: A Journal of Jewish Conversations

We are pleased to announce the third issue of Sapir: A Journal of Jewish Conversations. Centered around the theme of continuity, articles will be released beginning on October 28th via Jewish Insider.

Publisher Mark Charendoff introduces the volume by asking:

Is “continuity” worth redeeming? The term seems unimportant, but the discussion it prompted in the 1990s is in desperate need of revisiting. What ought to be the nature of the Jewish community we are all working so hard to reinvigorate? What do we want Jews to know about their Judaism, their relationship to God, to Israel, to Zionism? How should they act Jewishly? How should Judaism inform their attitudes to their people, to citizenship, to the environment, to justice? Answering these questions is difficult because, for one, we don’t agree on the answers ourselves. Still, we can do better than satisfying ourselves with the numbers of young Jews we engage. Without compelling content, we are going to have a hard time making the case for continuity. The essays in our third volume of Sapir aim to fill this breach — to give us a sense of what we ought to care about, what we might do, and why it matters.