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April 26, 2021

Announcing Sapir: A Journal of Jewish Conversations

Maimonides Fund is pleased to announce the launch of Sapir: A Journal of Jewish Conversations. Sapir is a limited-run journal. It will include four issues exploring different themes, to be released quarterly over the course of the coming year, with Bret Stephens serving as Editor-in-Chief and Felicia Herman as Managing Editor. It is published by Mark Charendoff and Ariella Saperstein (Associate Publisher).

Drawing its name from the sapphire stone path described in Exodus that leads us heavenward, Sapir aims to provide a forum for diverse views on fundamental issues facing the Jewish community, as well as their intersection with larger contemporary conversations. The first volume is focused on ideas of social justice, from its roots in Jewish text and history to its current iterations and debates. Sapir goes beyond thoughtful analysis, offering practical and policy recommendations for Jewish communal leadership and interested readers. Featured writers include Moshe Halbertal, Jamie Kirchick, Einat Wilf, Rabbi David Wolpe, and other thinkers and practitioners from the Jewish community. 

Sapir is not just another journal of ideas,” said Editor-in-Chief Bret Stephens. “It is a tool kit for Jewish leaders who are grappling with some of the major challenges of our time, from new forms of anti-Semitism, to internal and external threats to Jewish continuity, to new opportunities for meaningful Jewish philanthropy, to longstanding tensions between our particularistic responsibilities and our universalistic aspirations.”

We encourage you to follow the rollout of Sapir, with new articles distributed daily via Jewish Insider, and stay tuned for more ways to engage with our content. Once released, all articles will remain available for free on the Sapir website.