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July 29, 2022

Announcing Sapir’s Education issue

Education is the central theme of the sixth issue of Sapir. What makes for a great Jewish education? Does meritocracy harm or help America — and what does Judaism tell us about the real nature of merit? How do we cultivate the habits of a free mind in increasingly illiberal educational environments? Articles on these and other topics– including a riveting first-hand account of the state of the Jewish community in Ukraine — will be released beginning Monday, August 1, 2022.

The new issue also features a new tagline: Ideas for a Thriving Jewish Future. While the previous tagline, A Journal of Jewish Conversations, represents what Sapir is, the new wording describes what Sapir is for. We aspire to make change: in Jewish communities, in Israel, and beyond. And while the type of change varies by institution, field, and demographic, there is one through-line: Sapir seeks to build Jewish communities that thrive – that are full of joy, wisdom, purpose, meaning, and a connection to the full diversity of the Jewish people, past, present and future.