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December 11, 2023

Michael B. Oren’s Sapir piece featured in NY Post, Free Press

Sapir was proud to see Michael Oren’s recent piece on what happens after the war highlighted in the New York Post and The Free Press.

Israel war: The Day After the End

Israelis “want to know how, apart from defeating Hamas” their nation “defines victory. What, they ask, does the day after look like,” notes Michael B. Oren at Sapir. First? “Gaza’s demilitarization. No more rockets, rocket factories, or underground arsenals.” “Gaza must also be separated from Israel by a cordon sanitaire” and “be internationalized” — the “responsibility of the international community, above all the United States.” But no task “will be more onerous than establishing a benign and responsible Palestinian leadership.” “The Palestinians will first have to accept America’s formula of ‘two states for two peoples’ ”. “The attainment of security and peace will help justify the vast sacrifices Israelis have made. Only then, will October 7 indeed have a day after, and many hopeful days after that.”