July 2, 2021

SAPIR in the Jewish Link: Sapir Journal Seeks to Highlight ‘Sane Middle’ in Jewish Discourse

The powerful, incisive essays and the conversations they prompted can be seen as geared toward those in American Jewish leadership positions who are facing increasingly hostile anti-Jewish viewpoints from their mostly Jewish patrons and partners. The articles could then provide both information and inspiration for those who wish to address these viewpoints head on.

“There is a sane center in the Jewish world,” explained Charendoff, in a Zoom conversation with The Jewish Link. “The noise is very loud on the right and the left. When people are loud they get a lot of attention, so average people think they must be the crazy ones. But there is a normative range of positions that really smart people, with all kinds of different viewpoints—Labor, Likud, Republican, Democrat—can appreciate,” he said.

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